29 August, 2010


I am thinking of starting a new character on a pvp realm since I was invited by my alliance pve guild to join them in their horde pvp guild and spent a little bit of time with them last night in their ventrilo channel. I am also wondering what bolt of lightning hit me and knocked me clear out of my already fucked up senses since I seem to do nothing but get my ass kicked around whenever I choose to engage in pvp activity.

It could be a valuable learning experience or it could be an emotional disaster. I am really torn and afraid that it could really do some damage to my already sensitive mental state.

There is so much to take into consideration. Starting fresh would mean no money, no gear and the possibility of always getting ganked and/or gang raped by assholes possibly 70 levels higher once I leave the starting zone every time I go to do anything with that character. It also means much slower leveling and patience is something I definitely was not born with.

There is also the possibility that players have a greater sense of honour on pvp realms and aren't the shitstains that players are on the pve realms, but I won't know that until I try it. Also learning on a pvp realm could vastly improve my pve performance. It is a lot to think about.


Oh, and since I haven't mentioned it before, I was invited a couple of weeks ago (shortly after my paladin tank hit 80) to a very cool casual raiding guild and after a night of consideration, I accepted. Contrary to the rule that there is always at least one asshole in every [insert any situation here], I have not yet met one person in my guild who isn't helpful and nice. We will have to see how long it takes before I have a mental episode on them and disappear. I sincerely hope that never happens. They seem like really cool people, and that is saying a lot coming from me.

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