Welcome to Neuroticraft

I would like to welcome everyone and give a little overview of what this 'blog' is all about.

The idea started some time ago when I read some articles about gamers with disabilities at WoWInsider. It slipped out of my mind almost as quickly as it slipped out of sight, but was refreshed when I had stumbled upon the blog of a mentally disabled player (tank, if I am not mistaken) whom I can't seem to remember as it again slipped out of my mind. As selectively bad as my memory is, one would think I would learn to bookmark these things. It became the reality that it is today after several days of boredom while stirring creamy soup at the stove (because you can't just "set it and forget it").

This will serve mainly as an outlet for my rants and frustrations and I cannot stress this next part enough: I have some serious emotional problems compounded by my disabilities so do not take it personally if you fall into a category that I am ranting about. It is my hope that it will offer a good tip or two as I share my attempts at functioning in this complex game world and interface. If nothing else, it should provide some clutzy entertainment for elite-nosed critics.

In any event, welcome and enjoy.

- Alexistrasza
  Last edited on 19, July 2011