Alexis the Neurotic Girl

Alexis lives sequestered in a corner apartment on the 3rd floor of a thriving rural community, plagued by hallucinations of fuck only knows what lurks in her mind and the pitter-patter of noisy fuckspawn feet. She is a rape and domestic violence survivor and suffers from several anxiety and personality disorders which she has undoubtedly had since birth, but since she appears to be "normal" by most standards was not properly diagnosed or treated until well after the age of 20. Described as a "neurotic whacko" by those closest to her, she prefers the term "mentally challenged".

Alexis despises people with a seething passion and tries to avoid them at all costs. She firmly believes that the sun is trying to kill her and that everyone has a hidden (selfish) agenda. But if you catch her on a good day, you may see an entirely different perspective. Feel free to press your luck.

This is the story of her gaming challenges (because nothing else matters) and how she deals with them.