09 August, 2010

Paladin Charger Quest Chain

My new paladin tank is now 79, so I decided to take a break from level questing and such to do my epic ground mount chain for the feat of strength. What... an... expensive... pain... in... the... ass. I am going to solo this so we'll see how far I get. On my way to Stratholme right now to get the holy water and I still need to find one more Arcanite Bar and kill Araj the Summoner to get the skeleton key for Scholomance.

Ok, flight has ended and some whorde assholes have killed all the NPCs including the quest giver I needed to talk to at Chillwind Camp and are trying to make me flag myself so they can get easy honour. Fucking scum. :(

Great... now the fuckers are following me and that fat Tauren cow is standing right on top of my fucking mobs. I'm having a severe panic attack and Blizzard doesn't do a damn thing about PvP harassment. Fuck.




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