Alexis the Gamer Girl

Alexis had World of Warcraft screenshots dating back to September of 2007 before the fateful kitler hard drive fiasco that destroyed some 700 GB worth of data. Her initial introduction to the game began sometime shortly before that, but her poor memory can't recall exactly when that was. World War III or Alexis vs. UI (the default interface) began in July of 2008, shortly after creating her first healing class character, a human priest on Argent Dawn EU who made it all the way to level 15 (wuuhuuu!) before Alexis transferred from the EU to US realms in February of 2010. Because of her disabilities, she is constantly looking for new ways to improve and streamline her gaming experience and thus her neurotic obsession with her UI.

Alexis' "I was meant to be a priest (she has 7 in all)!" lightbulb moment came after reading a quote from one of the game's designers, "In all honesty I don’t die a lot, but I see Spirits of Redemption constantly. I guess as a sweeping generalization, priests have the stare-at-Grid syndrome worse than other healers." Oddly enough, it was her balance/restoration druid on Darkmoon Faire EU which made it to level 80 first, guild raided Naxxramas and Ulduar and sparked serious interest in healing, but she'll be the first to admit being severely afflicted with the stare-at-grid syndrome even though she doesn't use Grid or any of the other typical healing addons.

She has six level 80 characters (1 druid, 1 paladin, 2 warlocks, 2 mages) on the EU realms, five level 85 characters (1 paladin, 1 shaman, 1 priest, 1 death knight, 1 rogue) on the US realms and has experience with each class to at least level 80.