28 August, 2010

Kitlers and Computers Don't Mix

So, I was off-tanking ICC 10 for the first time last night. Everyone was working together and paying attention so it went very well, and despite the fact that it was only my second time ever inside that instance (once as a discipline priest healer with another guild), I received numerous compliments on what I thought was a sloppy performance.

After we had killed Lady Deathwhisper, I got up for a quick break at which time my oldest (and most omnipotent) kitler met me in the hallway and decided she wanted attention. Right now. Ok, fine. I picked her up and nuzzled her a bit then put her down and walked back into my room and sat back down at my desk.

Apparently, that wasn't good enough for her because just as I was announcing in vent that I was back, I heard a loud scrape, crash, jingle, meow and scamper. I peeked around my monitor and saw my new external drive bounce off my desk from the lower desk hutch and onto the floor, my Winamp player started stuttering and my oldest kitler bolted out the door and down the hallway.

The external case was unharmed, just cracked open a bit at the seems and that was easily squeezed back together. Everything else seemed to be ok as well, except that the drive was no longer accessible by Windoze Exploder even after rebooting. Difficult as it was for me and my neuroses, I stopped messing with it to finish the raid... without music, mind you because all of my media and saved UI files (some 700+GB worth) were on that drive. We completed the entire Lower Spire with only one wipe on Lord Marrowgar that happened prior to my kitler hard drive fiasco.

I woke up this morning, having very few hours of sleep because of the anxiety that this has caused. After numerous internet searches and trying everything I could think of, I opened the case and inserted it internally into my hellspawned computer. Windoze recognized the device, installed the drivers and reported that it was functioning properly but disk manager only saw some 230 GB of the 1TB drive and would not initialize that space because of some I/O error and Windoze Exploder did not see it at all.

So now I have wait until we can afford to have someone get the data off of the drive and have it replaced. Meanwhile, I am stuck with no music. This is hell for a musician and I cannot even tell you how difficult it is for me not to kill that cat. I am so bloody upset and physically sick from this incident that I cannot even enjoy the success of my first real end game raiding experience. I hate her.

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