24 June, 2012

Alexis vs. UI (Part 6)

It has been quite a while, I know. Things have been crazy (mostly in my own head) and I thought it best not to shove it in other people's faces. Be it here or Facehell. But onto the meat and potatoes of this post.

I am one of the (moronic) few who still play World of Warcraft, albeit sporadically. There are just some days where I don't want to deal with it at all and just do a few daily quests with the logic that (if) when I get back to it more seriously, I will have cut out a lot of grunt work... or somesuch shit. I am also running on less than 3 hours of sleep so I take no responsibility for anything posted here. *cough*

Erm... Right, onto the Interface...

Sometime around January, I did a major overhaul and cut out a big chunk of the addons I was using before. I cannot recall exactly why, but I think it was because Freebaser stopped maintaining oUF Freeb and oUF Freebgrid which were the core elements of my UI.

The following addons have been removed
_Corpse - Lets you know if player corpses you come in contact with are resurrectable.
!BugGrabber - debugging tool
+Wowhead Looter - collects data for Wowhead
AdiBags - inventory and bank sorting, one bag feature
AdiCCMonitor - provides visual displays and feeds for crowd control condtions
Broker CPU / Memory / Performance - LDB feed for resource usageBugSack - debugging tool
ChocolateBar - LDB display
ConfirmLootRoll - handles the loot confirmation popups when in a group.
eAlign - grid alignment overlay for customizing UI frames
GrizzlySharedMedia - currently using BantoBar bar textures and krsnik, Caith and Siana borders
Headline - minimalistic nameplates
Leatrix Plus - controls the behaviour of some minor game annoyances
LitePanels - art panel framework, mine are slightly transparent black with class coloured borders
Mapster - what the fuck were they thinking, covering the entire interface with the default world map!
MoveAnything - because the idiots at Blizzard put some UI elements in the most absurd places
oUF - CPU friendly unit framework
oUF Freeb - player/target/pet/focus unit frame layout
oUF Freebgrid - raid, party and associated pet unit frame layout
oUF MovableFrames - handles oUF Freebgrid frames
oUF Totembar - provides resource bar frames for oUF layouts
picoFriends - LDB friend list handler
PocketPlot - simple minimap styler
Prat 3.0 - extended chat customization
QueLevel - adds quest levels to all applicable frames
ShinyBuffs - minimal enhances to the buff frame
Skinner - because the default UI is a public eyesore
TinyDPS - minimalistic DPS/healing meter
TipTop - tooltip customization
zBrokerDurability - displays current durability of armour and vendor repair cost
zBrokerTracking - handles tracking functionality for the minimap

Here is the current list:
Addon Control Panel - this should be self-explanatory
Addon Loader
- delays/controls loading of some addons
BadBoy - gold spam filter
BadBoy CCleaner - crap filter
BadBoy Levels - whisper filter
* ElvUI - a completely customizable replacement UI.
InFlight - I can't count how many times I've flown to the wrong location without it
MicroDeclineDuel - automatically cancels duels
Parrot - scrolling battle text
* ReloadUI - allows you to set a hotkey for the "/console reloadui" command

* denotes newly added or re-added mods

It felt both good and somewhat frightening to break away from what I was used to and there are still some elements that annoy me (such as the lack of complete control over the game fonts) but I am learning to work around them. The important thing is that I have cut my addons down from about 40 to 11 with a memory footprint of just over 6mb.

12 July, 2012 edit note: removed _Corpse from my UI.

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