09 October, 2012


Since I always believed that Blizzard was exceptional and almost unparallelled at telling stories (I've been a Blizzard girl since shortly after the release of the original Diablo game). I truly never thought that contentwise, I would lose interest. But here I am at the release of a new expansion and am almost completely apathetic about the game.

With the exception of healing one random dungeon, for the past three months or so, all I have been doing is daily cooking and fishing quests and the monthly Darkmoon Faire quests. I really have nothing more to say, so...

It's time for a bit of closure. All I can think to say is that it was a good run. My Annual Pass agreement is going to be fulfilled on the 25th of this month and my subscription renews on the 10th (holy crap, that's tomorrow!) and it will be the last time that I'll be renewing. I don't know if I'll ever be re-subscribing. but as I said earlier, it was a good run.

And no, you can't have my gold and/or guild banks. >:Þ

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