19 July, 2011

This one is for you, Vly...

Normally, I am not very lucky.

However, I found seven Netherwing Eggs yesterday which cut the reputation grind down considerably. Today, I didn't even have to do the most annoying and tedious of the daily quests because I found two eggs on my way to Netherwing Ledge. In fact, my luck is usually so bad that I fully expected even after getting to exalted that I wouldn't be able to get the mount, but it would seem that all of my frustrations with the race quests, the past few days worth of getting motion sickness from the egg hunts and my persistence (cos it sure as fuck wasn't patience) finally paid off. I got so emotional while turning in the final quest that I almost started crying and it took me over an hour to calm down.

Here is the screen shot of my main retardin on her Onyx Netherwing Drake just above Shattrath City.

I am very hesitant to do this for any of my other characters, almost to the point of saying, "Never again!" It is a long and annoying reputation grind, especially for a character with one or no gathering professions. I think the worst part about it for me is the motion sickness from the excessive camera movement while searching for the eggs. I did find that grinding mobs in the mine and hoping for a drop off them instead of searching above ground for spawns where they blend in more with the environmental textures helped quite a bit. I only wish I would have thought of that -before- the last real day of my rep grind. :D

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