30 November, 2010


I logged in last night to see if the guild was raiding after being sick and a bit of a break and got greeted by a nice surprise.

I got promoted to officer rank. Of course, being the sappy girl that I am (sometimes, though my roommate swears I am a boy underneath it all), I got all blushy and emotional. We had a good raid night even with the wipes as well. They had started fresh during the time that I was away and had gotten all the way up to the Blood Queen whom we took down after only two wipes. We're definitely getting a lot better as we get familiar with the encounters. It was a good night.

But there is always a punchline, isn't there...

After running a few good non-heroic randoms with my guild, I decided to do at least one heroic random to try to offset the losses from the raid wipes with a little gold. Not one to have yet learned to quit while I'm ahead, ended up getting abused and kicked out of the next group because I dared to ask if they really needed to pull the entire room and the boss in Azjol-Nerub. I got prompty told to "shut the fuck up and pay attention to party chat", so I put that fuckwad on ignore and got further insulted by the rest of the party until I was kicked for not responding to any of them. I was told to shut the fuck up one time, so that's exactly what I did. If they didn't want me to shut the fuck up, they shouldn't have said so. Christ.

The next one I went into, a dick knight DPS started tanking after the first pull, so I told him if he wanted to tank, he should queue as tank and left the group. Doing so rewarded me with a big fat deserter debuff which prevents me from using the dungeon finder tool for 30 minutes, so I logged out seething. When I went in and told my roommate, she told me they weren't worth my time, and while that may work for normal people, I'm a fucking neurotically disabled abuse victim. It's not an excuse. It's just what I am and I can't let go of anything. I have never been able to despite years of fighting the shit in my own head.

While my roommate was able to distract me (sometimes I really hate her for this) last night, I am now being hit by a semi-truck to the face by the entire incident today... and I am all out of sedatives.

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