13 December, 2010

Holy Hit Points, Batman!

The end of the world has come...

and I managed to get my paladin to 85 in four days. That's not so unusual. There are plenty of people who made it to 85 a lot faster than I did, and I level my characters pretty quickly anyway. What shocks me is that I have 98k hit points in my holy spec and in my healing gear. Granted, we need the hit points to deal with the difficulty of the new content and how they have drastically nerfed damage mitigation, but ninety-eight thousand hit points for a non-pvp healer!? That's just insane.


  1. I've actually managed to get up to 191,000 health buffed :D but that's a prot.

  2. Thank you for commenting. :)

    It was just a shock to me since I was hardly geared at all and fresh out of WotLK stuff. Now of course, seeing characters of all classes and roles with more than 100k hit points is not at all uncommon.

    I am sure we will all be dating ourselves when we look back at things like this and say "I remember when..." :D