27 November, 2010

Sindragosa Wipe(Bitch)fest

I have to admit that I have not been feeling well about raiding or even being in Azeroth lately. I haven't even logged in at all for two days.

I suppose wiping without a single boss (Sindragosa in this case) kill consistently for 6 raid nights in a row has something to do with it, but also I think I have been around people far too much for my socially phobic system to handle. Like my youngest kitler, my stress manifests itself as physical illness whereby I either spend a lot of quality time with the porcelin god or my head spins so much that I end up renewing commitments with my bed. I spent most of yesterday sleeping sick in bed. Not fun.

Wednesday night we almost had her, though. I was tanking (I usually heal that encounter) with another of our DPS warriors because none of our other tanks were online. On our best attempt, we had gotten her down to only 1,880 hit points before we wiped. I had thought I hit my divine shield when she was casting her final blistering cold while having fuck only knows how many stacks of mystic buffet when I had actually just clutz clicked a blank spot on my screen, so I got one-shot when blistering cold hit and being the only tank alive, that wiped the group... again. It's bloody amazing how hard it is to get those last hit points down (she had about 3,500 when I died) especially when your damage dealers are dishing out 6,000 to 9,000 points of damage per second.

Seriously, Blizzard.




Maybe I just need some more time away from people. I have been leading the raids the last couple of weeks because nobody else will do it. I am a natural leader (Aries starsign) but it takes so much out of me and I really hate doing it. I also tend to be too detailed in explanations and bore people to death because I want to make sure that everyone understands the muck that is swimming around in my head. Then I tend to leave out important details (like when she sucks you in, you need to run away from her or you'll take a ton of damage) because I am stuck on other details.

I can feel the exposure to people wearing on me because I am not able to sleep at times when most people are awake especially during raid times. When I have one scheduled, I have to force myself to wake up and get out of bed for it after barely sleeping at all, then when people go to bed, I am still exhausted but when I try to sleep, I just lay in bed tossing for hours and am not able to get to sleep until well after daylight when most people are getting out of bed and online. I've barely logged on to my non-social characters, too. It must have been at least a few months constant social interaction with my guild before I started cutting my time down this last week.

But goddamnit, I really want to kill that Sindragosa bitch. After many nights of wiping on her, she's really pissed me off. I'm torn and I really don't like being in that state because whenever I hear that word, I think of that highly annoying song by Natalie Imbruglia. That song makes me want to vomit everytime I hear it because her voice just dances on my last nerve. I don't understand why it was so popular. It doesn't even have a decent hook. BLARG!

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