01 October, 2010


And I now have a full raiding schedule.

It looks like something like this:

Monday: ICC10 progression team 1 continued (tank/drake healer - paladin)
Wednesday: ICC10 team 2 fresh run (tank healer - priest)
Thursday: ICC10 team 2 continued (tank healer - priest)
Friday: ICC10 progression team 1 fresh run (tank - priest)
Saturday: ICC25 regular runs with a sister guild (tank/tank healer - paladin) and weekly raid quest
Sunday: ICC10 team 2 continued (tank healer - priest)


  1. Hey I just noticed you on our blog followers. Cool site you've got here. The avatar scares me a little though :)

  2. I should run you through another instance. Perhaps next time, I'll pay more attention and not let you die so often!