16 October, 2010


It's not just me. Warcraftic agrees that the first thing you should change about the default interface is the unit frames.

I could write an entire novel about my war with the default UI. Seriously. Since the 4.0 patch-o-doom went live, I have been doing almost nothing but fighting with the game itself randomly freezing and my UI.  Just before it hit, I had almost come up with the perfect UI setup. It figures. Just when I get something adjusted to where I can effectively function, something comes along and fucks it all to hell.

The 3.0 patch-o-doom wasn't nearly this problematic. Or maybe my swiss cheese memory just can't remember how bad it really was. I was on the EU realms and using I think I was X-Perl Unit Frames at the time. I can't check my screenshots because they were all on the hard drive that PrinCESS Pissy Cat dropped.

Oh yea, we got word back from the repair shop. Kitler is in the shitter because they can't do anything with my hard drive. Actually, she is sleeping in a cute ball on my bed next to her sister... the one she doesn't like. "Kill them with cuteness" as they say. Fucking bitch. So I've been told when we have a small fortune to throw away (in other words, "when hell freezes over"), we're going to take it to some speciality shop that can get data off of drives that have been through fires.

I think I'm taking this all rather well, especially since that bitch pissed on my bed two days ago. The fact that she's still breathing is proof of how good I am being. I deserve a cookie, damnit.

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