24 September, 2010

Houston, We Have Contact.

It has been four weeks since my oldest (and most omnipotent) kitler dropped my external hard drive.

But we received word from the repair shop today that "they can see a data transfer going."

Lucky for kitler.

However, it is going so slow that they expect it to take two or three weeks. I don't know if me and my lack of patience can hold out that long. My roommate my just come home one day to find kitler's head on a pike in the middle of the living room.

Good news, though: My guild is putting together a second ICC10 raid team and my priest (who recently underwent a realm and faction change for the guild) is main tank heals on it, while my paladin is off tank in the progression ICC10 raid team. I think team 1 is starting their progression tonight. And despite being constantly undercut in the auction house, my lonely alchemist priest is only 1000g away from her master flight skill. Not bad considering the fact that her gatherer (sugah-mommah) is no longer on the realm with her.

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