07 August, 2010

Hacking World of Warcraft

I am trying to get to where I can build my own addons because the majority of addons out there are far too bloated for my personal needs. To someone in my condition, bloat equates to distractions that can be very bad during certain encounters and slow down performance and reaction time overall. So I picked up Hacking World of Warcraft a few days ago and after skipping the first 10 chapters, am now diving into the guts of creating my own addons. We'll see how this goes because of my limited attention span and even more limited patience.

After the initial book tutorial projects, my plan is to create a nameplate addon sort of in the vein of caelNameplates' original style but with some modifications for my own personal preference. Since Caellian changed the style to be less streamlined (it just looks bulkier to me), I have experimented with Aloft and am currently using TidyPlates: Threat Plates. Prior to that, I merely changed a bit of caelNameplates coding, created a layout for LitePanels and did a slight modification to NinjaPanel (which I dropped for ChocolateBar) to fit my needs. But now, it's time to venture out on my own.

I have experience with HTML and CSS so this shouldn't be a complete disaster.

.. I hope.

Edit Note: The first thing I am going try after the initial projects is something to hide the annoying random LFD completion alert popup, much like the HideAchievement addon.

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