21 August, 2010


In an attempt to improve my threat per second and clean up my action bars, I changed my tanking rotation, key bindings and macros and just spent the last 6 hours farming Argent Dawn reputation and runecloth in Stratholme, hopelessly trying to get used to it all. What a clusterfuck trainwreck that was. I can tell this is going to take a painfully long amount of time to get right. :(

The good thing is that I am now 66% revered with Argent Dawn and 55% revered with Ironforge from the runecloth. Also, with my new 4500 gear score, I survived a very sloppy, failed stealth attempt in the gauntlet where I was silenced and rooted for nearly the entire fight against 12 trash mobs and a boss - the same thing (minus the boss) that killed me the first time I attempted to solo that dump.

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