31 July, 2010

The End of the World

I must be the only serious player (40 hours per week or more) I know who is not looking forward to Cataclysm and is even in fact, dreading it.

I read a post somewhere a while back where the developers weren't happy with the way talent specs and/or glyphs had become a "must have or you're stupid" game, and then I see the new Cataclysm talent trees which require you to put 31 points into a main tree before you are allowed to venture out into the two others with talent points only being allotted every other level. I don't see how the fuck that is supposed to make character classes and play more flexible.

And then the new guild perks which are most likely going to make solo play for those of us who are socially phobic and/or abuse victims suck royal ass. But hey, I lived in poverty for quite a long time so I am used to doing without when those around me reap numerous benefits that I can only dream of.

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