10 July, 2010

Hell Hath Frozen Over

Or so it would seem. According to this post (or relay) by Blizzard CEO and Cofounder, Mike Morhaine, the decision to require real name usage on the new forums has been reversed. Since I never post in the forums for reasons already stated, this decision gives no relief. Only the mere hope that they will continue listening to the customers in regards to this entire RealID fiasco over the course of its development and actually take into account some of the suggestions that have been put out before releasing features in the future.

Call me negative and pessimistic, but I do have my doubts that this single decision was merely a pacifier, since they have already implemented RealID in the game, against the wishes of most of the players, without any considerations to our suggestions and have made it clear in the aforementioned post that it isn't going anywhere.

But we shall see...

Edit note: It does seem that the reason they reversed this decision was because of several Blizzard employees being harassed within an hour or so after releasing their real names. See this thread. It would figure. They're really not listening to the customers. Had the employees themselves not been victims of the company's stupidity, the decision probably would not have been reversed.

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