13 July, 2010

Desert Island Picks: Unit Frames

Today, Alexistrasza answers the age old question: If you were stranded on an island in Tanaris with World of Warcraft and... could only make one interface modification, what would it be?


This is probably the single most important aspect of the game that Blizzard screwed up or neglected in the initial game design and has barely made an attempt to change in the entire history of the game. It became painfully obvious to me after I took the red pill and installed my very first addon (X-Perl UnitFrames) two years ago, though ignorance was far from bliss. Suddenly, I could see so many important factors that I could never see before such as party buffs, casting bars and aggro.

No wonder the game has such a stiff learning curve even for people without mental obstacles. The default interface doesn't give you nearly enough information to properly play your class especially in a group setting. In my personal opinion, it is also a bulky, distracting eyesore. I simply can't express my disdain for the default UI enough.

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