20 July, 2010

Desert Island Picks: Theme Songs

Today, Alexistrasza answers the age old question: If you were stranded on an island in Tanaris with World of Warcraft and... were forced to listen to one world track repeatedly, what would it be?

Orgrimmar by Jason Hayes

While the visual and mental images of orcs make me want to vomit (just imagine the smell), the foreboding feel and the drums of doom at the beginning and end are just awesome. I normally play with the music off for a slight computer performance boost, but I first heard the track a couple of years ago while searching through my .mp3 soundtrack files for that drum sequence which I first heard in the Stormwind Stockade during a very short period of time when I had the music turned on. I love drums so that part hooked me instantly and I just couldn't get it out of my head (or rest, for that matter) until I found out what it was or more importantly if I had it in my music collection. I also love the troll drummers at Revantusk Village in The Hinterlands but you need to be Horde and above level 40 if you want to hear them without being attacked.

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