18 April, 2011

Holy Dragons, Batman!

My apologies for the lack of posts lately. One of my kitlers has been really sick and I have been less than motivated to write anything, but onto Warcraft matters...

Being pretty self-sufficient in this game isn't very difficult. You just need multiple characters with different professions. Ideally, at least one of them should be a gatherer to financially support the rest of them. Let's face it, crafters are gold sinks that never get clogged even if they gather their own materials.

I recently started new characters on a fresh realm... sort of. I had a young retardin tank (my gathering sugah mommah) there already, but I needed to get away from the old realm for a while and couldn't afford a transfer, so... I started a few new ones, two of which are crafters. While leveling my retardin in Un'Gawa Crater because it is so rich in mineral veins and skinnable creatures, I got her going on her horde mount quest. What a mistake that was. I hate that zone to begin with and it takes a minimum of 20 days to complete because you need 20 of this little raptor's teeth and you can only get one via daily quest per day. But now that I have started and it rewards a "dragon" mount, I can't stop.

So that she doesn't outlevel the content while waiting to complete this quest, I have her parked in Gadgetzan so that I can just log her in for her quest each day, fly into the crater and back out again relatively quickly. Such a pain in the ass...

However, I did have fun with the "dragon" quest line even though I nearly died when I completed the last quest because the fucker had aggroed half the zone and dismounted me with less than half health right in the middle of them. "He heals you," my ass. I got two pitiful heals out of him and was down below 50% health most of the ride. I also had to reload my UI because the vehicle UI didn't reset because I was in combat when I left the vehicle. I had no regular interface and fighting below 50% health by typing "/cast Shield of the Righteous" and your entire rotation into the the chat window isn't very efficient. By the time my UI had reloaded, I had 25% health. There is no way in hell my druid tank, dick knight tank or mage tank *coughs* would have survived that. That's why I love my paladins.

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