19 April, 2011

Alexis vs. UI (Part 5)

It's maintenance day on the US realms, so I am going to take the time to talk about my favourite subject (and yours!)... the user interface.

Dun, dun, DUN!!!

I have removed the following addons:
Ara Broker Guild Friends - LDB guild/friend list handler 
Broker FindGroup - displays LFD status and queue times
Broker Portals - LDB mage portal handler (loaded only for my mage)
Broker TolBarad - displays the timer for TolBarad battles
ButtonFacade - action button styler
ButtonFacade Caith - clean action button skin
DeadlyBossMods - boss encounter notifications
DeadlyBossMods SpellTimers - displays spell cooldowns for party/raid members
HudMap - encounter heads-up display and compass
MicroDeclineDuel - automatically cancels duels
ncResurrect - automatically releases spirit in pvp zones (except Tol Barad) and accepts resurrects in groups
PortalHelper - mage portal announcer
PowerSource - displays caster for all buffs
SharedMedia - because oUF Nivaya will not use the textures from GrizzlySharedMedia without it
shMem - separate memory usage display for shPerformance
shPerformance - displays framerate and latency

Here is the current list:
!BugGrabber - debugging tool
+Wowhead Looter - collects data for Wowhead
Addon Control Panel - this should be self-explanatory
Addon Loader
- delays/controls loading of some addons
AdiBags - inventory and bank sorting, one bag feature
* AdiCCMonitor - provides visual displays and feeds for crowd control condtions
BadBoy - gold spam filter
BadBoy CCleaner - crap filter
BadBoy Levels - whisper filter
* Broker CPU / Memory / Performance - LDB feed for resource usage
BugSack - debugging tool
ChocolateBar - LDB display
ConfirmLootRoll - handles the loot confirmation popups when in a group.
eAlign - grid alignment overlay for customizing UI frames
GrizzlySharedMedia - currently using BantoBar bar textures and krsnik, Caith and Siana borders
Headline - minimalistic nameplates
InFlight - I can't count how many times I've flown to the wrong location without it
* Leatrix Plus - controls the behaviour of some minor game annoyances
LitePanels - art panel framework, mine are slightly transparent black with class coloured borders
Mapster - what the fuck were they thinking, covering the entire interface with the default world map!
MoveAnything - because the idiots at Blizzard put some UI elements in the most absurd places
oUF - CPU friendly unit framework
oUF Freeb - player/target/pet/focus unit frame layout
oUF Freebgrid - raid, party and associated pet unit frame layout
oUF MovableFrames - handles oUF Freebgrid frames
oUF Totembar - provides resource bar frames for oUF layouts
Parrot - scrolling battle text
* picoFriends - LDB friend list handler
PocketPlot - simple minimap styler
Prat 3.0 - extended chat customization
QueLevel - adds quest levels to all applicable frames
* ShinyBuffs - minimal enhances to the buff frame
Skinner - because the default UI is a public eyesore
TinyDPS - minimalistic DPS/healing meter
TipTop - tooltip customization
zBrokerDurability - displays current durability of armour and vendor repair cost
zBrokerTracking - handles tracking functionality for the minimap

* denotes newly added or re-added mods

As you can see, I have trimmed down my addons quite a bit. This has decreased initial game loading time as well as improved in-game performance considerably. Memory usage has dropped down from around 30 to 8.5 MB.

DeadlyBossMods is good at what it does, but it is a very hungry resource hog. Since I am no longer raiding or grouping with others, I didn't see a need to keep it. The only reason I have kept my raid frame layout is because oUF Freeb does not show incoming heals and that is something that I have come to rely on, even when soloing. However, since my new characters are quickly approaching level 70, they might be hitting the dungeons soon. We will have to think about that, though.

I replaced Ara Broker Guild Friends with picoFriends because I no longer need the guild interface, but still use the friends interface to add my other characters for easy mailing. For some odd reason, Blizzard separated the friend and guild interfaces and removed the friend interface completely from the micromenu. Since I unbound all of my interface keys due to the fact that I was opening interface windows in combat or while trying to chat, the only way to access the friend interface is via the LDB plugin without knowing or having to type the script command in the interface. I could macro it, but that would take up valuable macro and action bar real estate, something that I do not have a lot of.

Yes... I am a cheap macro whore. Actually, if I didn't use a lot of macros, I would be forced to use a lot more addons... like the very buggy HealBot. *cringes*

In any event, I am satisfied with my interface and its resource usage for the time being. In the future, I may remove +Wowhead Looter to even further trim it down, but I feel somewhat obligated to provide data for them since I use the website so much and need to block their advertisements due to my high irritability. We shall see, though. I have altruistically given enough to people (a certain someone, actually) in my short lifetime while receiving barely anything (or punishment and abuse) in return. So, it may be about time for me to start taking for myself and not feeling guilty for it. That would be a feat of epic proportions.

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