18 March, 2011

Feel the Love

I am so excited - a pretty rare thing for me these days, but a most satisfying event happened yesterday.

I saw this huge rare (although I am finding that a lot of the "rare" creatures in the game aren't really that rare) beast while questing and had the maximum allowed pets on me already so I just let it go and continued questing. When I got back to the city, I stabled one and then came back to find that someone had either killed or tamed it. Normally, I only go for the black pets and I don't really like the earthy or red tones at all, but I just kept thinking how pretty that shimmering skin was. The thought consumed me and I decided that I just had to have it.

Feel the Love
Then, after only about 90 minutes of camping (total before and after dinner), I was able to get Pogeyan for my baby huntard. It has the same model as the Savannah Huntress in Northern Barrens except that its skin shimmers like a murloc and its eyes glow red. Its skin combinations are unique to the game. Now, I just need to think of a suitable name. Ugh.

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