11 August, 2010

Mission Accomplished

After two days of hard work and a shipload of gold spent on the quest chain itself and items required, I finally got my Charger feat of strength along with the skeleton key to Scholomance. It would have felt better had I not already purchased my Charger and epic riding skill to be sure, but I still feel like I have done a major accomplishment especially since I soloed the entire thing, only dying once when I ignorantly aggroed too many silencing and crowd controlling mobs at once in the Gauntlet at Stratholme with a sudden surge of over 2200ms latency.

I usually don't chase or even care about achievements. In fact, they usually annoy the piss out of me and make me feel extremely exposed. Their automatic announcements to guild chat are part of the reason why I haven't joined a guild. I don't want people to notice me. But this was sort of in honour of a friend whom I can't see anymore on the EU realms for various reasons, one of the two best tanks I have ever played with.

I miss you, Vly. :(

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