20 January, 2011

Alexis vs. UI (Part 4)

Since my subscription has experienced a temporary lapse and I have not been able to log in for a few days, I thought it would be a good idea to post something here. What better a topic than my ever-changing UI! Actually, I think I have it just about perfect and it has been quite a while since I have posted anything about it, so here we go...

The resource usage has gone up considerably since I joined Wowhead and started collecting and submitting data to the website. The pary/raid frame and debuff layout has changed slightly since this screenshot was taken, but it is the latest that I have since my account was frozen.

I have removed the following addons:

Broker AFKTimer - one-click away status and display
ErrorHandler - error message control
HideAchievement - functionality handled by MoveAnything
LootRollMover - functionality handled by MoveAnything
oRA3 - raid tools/cooldowns (might get rid of this because I've only seen one cooldown tracked by it) 
oUF HealComm4 - allows the display of incoming group heals
oUF Nivaya - oUF layout for dummies
oUF PowerSpark - allows the display of the FSR or energy tick spark
picoFriends - LDB online friend display
picoGuild - LDB online guild display
POM Assist - (priests only) Prayer of Mending tracker
Recount - combat log parser mainly used to gauge tank effectiveness
RecountGuessedAbsorbs - aproximated absorb amounts for any absorb or proc ability
StellarBars - removes the distracting gryphon textures from the default main action bars and allows for some graphic customization
TidyPlates - nameplate customization
TidyPlates ThreatPlates - displays aggro status on all nameplates within range
WintergraspLDB - Wintergrasp battle timer

Here is the current list:
!BugGrabber - debugging tool
* +Wowhead Looter - collects data for Wowhead
Addon Control Panel - this should be self-explanatory
Addon Loader
- delays/controls loading of some addons
AdiBags - inventory and bank sorting, one bag feature
* Ara Broker Guild Friends - LDB guild/friend list handler
BadBoy - gold spam filter
BadBoy CCleaner - crap filter
BadBoy Levels - whisper filter
Broker FindGroup - displays LFD status and queue times
* Broker Portals - LDB mage portal handler (loaded only for one character)
* Broker TolBarad - displays the timer for TolBarad battles
BugSack - debugging tool
ButtonFacade - action button styler
ButtonFacade Caith - clean action button skin
ChocolateBar - LDB display
ConfirmLootRoll - handles the loot confirmation popups when in a group.
DeadlyBossMods - boss encounter notifications
* DeadlyBossMods SpellTimers - displays spell cooldowns for party/raid members
eAlign - grid alignment overlay for customizing UI frames
GrizzlySharedMedia - currently using DarkBottom (alternating sometimes between that, Minimalist and Flat) bar textures and krsnik, Caith and Siana borders
* Headline - minimalistic nameplates
HudMap - encounter heads-up display and compass (currently not loaded for any characters)
InFlight - I can't count how many times I've flown to the wrong location without it
LitePanels - art panel framework, mine are slightly transparent black with class coloured borders
Mapster - what the fuck were they thinking, covering the entire interface with the default map!
MicroDeclineDuel - automatically cancels duels
MoveAnything - because the idiots at Blizzard put some UI elements in the most absurd places
ncResurrect - automatically releases spirit in pvp zones (except Tol Barad) and accepts resurrects in groups
oUF - CPU friendly unit framework
* oUF Freeb - player/target/pet/focus unit frame layout
* oUF Freebgrid - raid, party and associated pet unit frame layout
* oUF MovableFrames - handles oUF Freebgrid frames
* oUF Totembar - provides resource bar frames for oUF layouts
Parrot - scrolling battle text
PocketPlot - simple minimap styler
* PortalHelper - mage portal announcer (currently not loaded for any characters)
* PowerSource - displays caster for all buffs
Prat 3.0 - extended chat customization
QueLevel - adds quest levels to all applicable frames 
SharedMedia - because oUF Nivaya will not use the textures from GrizzlySharedMedia without it
* shMem - separate memory usage display for shPerformance
shPerformance - displays framerate and latency
Skinner - because the default UI is a public eyesore
* TinyDPS - lightweight DPS/healing meter
* TipTop - tooltip customization
zBrokerDurability - displays current durability of armour and vendor repair cost
* zBrokerTracking - handles tracking functionality for the minimap

* denotes newly added or re-added mods

It is probably a good thing I went through my addon folder to write this post because in doing so, I discovered that I had two different minimap addons loading at the same time. Oddly enough, only one was doing its job, but it's still a stupid mistake that I should have been aware of and probably the reason why I couldn't click on the minimap at all and why I couldn't access the tracking menu and thus added zBrokerTracking to my interface. When I can renew my game subscription, I will have to test this out now that I have removed the conflicting addon.

A note on the two mage portal addons: In a freak moment of insanity (not that those are so uncommon), I had recently begun experimenting with an undead mage on another realm (Hyjal, I think?). In doing so, I have discovered that I still suck at DPS and do not really enjoy it in the slightest, but I enjoy the convenience of being able to teleport around to different cities so I haven't yet deleted her. I am also using her to experiment with the crafting (tailoring/enchanting) professions that I am still finding I have no patience for.

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