05 November, 2010


We finally did it last night.

Technically, after three attempts, Professor Putricide met his untimely death. In reality, it was four, but our main tank was having problems with the abomination action bars in the first attempt so that did not really count. In fact, he had no action bars whatsoever so he could not get rid of the ooze on the floor. They wanted me to do that part as the off-tank but I already have problems with the "vehicle" action bars, with or without addons so I just tanked and kited Putricide through his first two phases.

It was a huge challenge for me to stay focused because one of our more arrogant DPS (who never watches his fucking threat) kept yelling at me to move him though I was already on top of it, and in the Tankspot encounter video that I watched mentioned nothing about keeping him away from the blobs, though he insisted that I do that. I was also in the aftermath of a pretty bad mental episode which was triggered by recent news (I should know better than to even look at that crap) of the full body scans being conducted at airports these days. But I kept my mouth shut like a good little abuse victim and just finished the raid without incident.

Tonight, we start the blood wing and perhaps even the Valithria Dreamwalker healing intensive encounter, which is the one I am really looking forward to.

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