07 September, 2010

Alexis vs. UI (part 2)

I am currently making some changes to my UI. The visual effect is minor, but I am modifying it enough to warrant its own blog entry. So here we go.

I have removed the following addons:

TidyPlates AhMyEyes
TidyPlates GreyPVP

And here is the current list:

Addon Loader
- delays/controls loading of some addons
AdiBags - inventory and bank sorting, one bag feature
AzCastBar - modular casting bars (all core bars disabled, dependency only)
AzCastBarPaladinPlugins - tracking for paladin abilities and cooldowns
AzCastBarPlugins - cooldown, battleground, totem timers and threat bar
BadBoy - gold spam filter
BadBoy CCleaner - crap filter
BadBoy Levels - whisper filter
Broker AFKTimer - one-click away status and display
Broker FindGroup - displays LFD status and queue times
ButtonFacade - action button styler
ButtonFacade Caith - clean action button skin
ChocolateBar - LDB display
DeadlyBossMods - boss encounter notifications
DeadlyBossMods SpellTimers - displays spell cooldowns for party/raid members
eAlign - grid alignment overlay for customizing UI frames
ErrorHandler - error message control
GearScoreLite - only loaded on level 80 characters and never during raids
GrizzlySharedMedia - currently using DarkBottom (alternating sometimes between that, Minimalist and Flat) bar textures and krsnik/Caith borders
HideAchievement - hides the achievement frame which covers and interferes with my party/raid frames
HudMap - encounter heads-up display and compass
InFlight - I can't count how many times I've flown to the wrong location without it
LitePanels - art panel framework, mine are slightly transparent black with class coloured borders
LootRollMover - moves the default loot roll frame which covers and interferes with my party/raid frames
Mapster - what the fuck were they thinking, covering the entire interface with the default map!
MicroDeclineDuel - automatically cancels duels
MoveAnything - because the idiots at Blizzard put some UI elements in the most absurd places
ncResurrect - automatically releases spirit in pvp zones and accepts resurrects in groups
Parrot - scrolling battle text
picoFriends - LDB online friend display
picoGuild - LDB online guild display
Pitbull4 - unit frames
PocketPlot - simple minimap styler
Prat 3.0 - extended chat customization
Recount - combat log parser mainly used to gauge tank effectiveness
RecountGuessedAbsorbs - aproximated absorb amounts for any absorb or proc ability
shPerformance - displays framerate, latency and addon memory usage with a one-click garbage collection feature
Skinner - because the default UI is a public eyesore
StellarBars - removes the distracting gryphon textures from the default main action bars and allows for some graphic customization
TidyPlates - nameplate customization
TidyPlates ThreatPlates - displays aggro status on all nameplates within range
TipTop - tooltip customization
WintergraspLDB - Wintergrasp Timer
zBrokerDurability - displays current durability of armour and vendor repair cost

I am also thinking of using the following addons, though they are very likely not to remain in my UI.

Addon Control Panel - this should be self-explanatory
MonkeyQuest - enhanced quest features
QuestAgent - enhanced quest features
QueLevel - adds quest levels to all applicable frames
tekKrush - accepts the disenchanting popup when in a group.

As you can probably see, I am looking for a suitable replacement for QuestHelper. It had a good run and re-run when vipersniper and ZorbaTHut revived it. Unfortunately, it appears to be on its last legs again. Actually, with the semi-recent changes to the default quest API, there is very little that I need from a quest addon. Routing, movable and resizable tracking frame, group sharing and quest level display are really all that I feel the default UI is missing.

Nevertheless, I have been searching off and on for a replacement for a while now. Only recently, have I stopped using it since I started raiding with my guild and need to disable all unnecessary resource hogs during the raids. I simply neglected to re-enable it out of curiosity to see how questing was without it. Perhaps I have come to rely on the routing feature a little too much and some time without it will do me good.

No, Alexis does not like to think while questing. She really just likes to see the XP roll in.


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